Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Well, busy couple of days. I talked with my buddy Max up in Boston yesterday morning, after not hearing from him for a year. Also met my Sigma Pi big bro Sparky last night at Southern Poly's rush event (a nifty cookout on campus).

Today was a more hectic day at work...but still very productive. Tried Geocaching today, specifically trying to find Alpharetta Apheresis so I could drop off Henry the Elk. Couldn't find the cache...*sigh*. No Georgia cache for me on this trip!

Tomorrow I leave for home. No more trips for awhile for me...hopefully!

Monday, August 25, 2003

Emily's first day of kindergarten! Wow...I can't believe that she's that big already...*sigh* now I'm appreciating how quickly kids grow up.

Travelled to Alpharetta, Georgia today. Very hazy throughout Atlanta, supposedly due to smog. Worked at L3 Communications today; good crew there. Known them for awhile, nice to finally put some faces to the names/voices I've known for the last 5 years.

Today actually allowed me to see a 'side' of the Atlanta airport that I normally don't see; namingly the baggage claim and rental car area...well, the outside of the airport in general! Strange feeling...felt like I had a connecting flight that I needed to be on.

Took awhile to get back to the hotel; Highway 400 was closed because of a gas leak. Was supposed to meet up with my big bro at Georgia Southern for the fraternity's rush, but because of the highway being closed, I'm going to catch up with them tomorrow night.

I may go out geocaching still tonight, but it's getting a little late for that. Plus, I'm hungry. Dinner time!

Sunday, August 24, 2003

This is a test post. Hello, world!