Thursday, June 30, 2005


Yahoo! Sports MLB: Atlanta 5, Florida 6 (FINAL 13th) 2005/06/29
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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Smart quote of the day

"Q-tips, anybody?"
- Sales pitch by a cotton candy vendor at the Marlins-Braves game in the 6th inning
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Monday, June 20, 2005


...flat tires on rainy Monday mornings just suck...
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Friday, June 10, 2005

...'enough said. Posted by Hello

I've always been unsure of what to think of people who bought Honda Elements...until I came across this one in the airport parking lot... Posted by Hello

If you ever wondered what the wing of a 757-200 aircraft looked like at over 30,000 feet elevation when viewed through a crappy, scratched-up airplane you know. Posted by Hello

Sometime I wonder... Posted by Hello

...what the heck I'm doing here? Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Can you imagine...?

What would it be like if you somehow extended Duel of the Fates and were able to use it for the soundtrack for the Battle of Yavin? I'm not being blasphemous's just an idea...and one that might be pretty darn cool!

Just a random musing as I sit here on the plane...

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SW CD correted track listing

I made a mistake. There is an extra track I put on there. Track 7 is 'Tales of a Jedi Knight/Plea For Help (Ep 4)' (again from memory). That's the scene where ObiWan tells Luke about his father for the first time, and views the full hologram.

So make that track 7, and move the rest of the tracks up one number.

That is all. Move along...move along...

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Star Wars Soundtrack Mix

Bloggin' at ya from up in the sky, over 30,000 feet high!

I love movie soundtracks. I love movies. The soundtracks are an 'emotional glue' which, when I listen to them, brings back the feelings I have when I watch the movies.

Probably the first soundtrack I fell in love with was from Star Wars (in 1977, for those of you who may be confused). I can't recall how many times I've listened to it. Anyway, in preparation for a business trip, I decided to put together an ultimate (or as close as I could get it) mix of selections from all 6 Star Wars films on one audio CD. Here is the selections, in the order I placed them. I wanted it to be as chronological as possible, while giving the ability to tell the story of the entire saga.

(Track names are paraphrased from memory; some contain music from other scenes which adds to their importance, such as track 10, which has Luke and Vader confronting one another, and track 12, which has the conclusion to their second confrontation...)

1. Opening credits/Blockade Runner (Ep 4)
2. Duel of the Fates (Ep 1)
3. Across the Stars (Ep 2)
4. Battle of the Heros (Ep 3)
5. ObiWan vs. Anakin (Ep 3)
6. Hologram/Binary Sunset (Ep 4)
7. Death of ObiWan/TIE Fighter Attack (Ep 4)
8. Han and the Princess (Ep 5)
9. Darth Vader's Theme (Ep 5)
10. Carbon Freeze Chamber (Ep 5)
11. Luke and Leia (Ep 6)
12. Leia Is Wounded (Battle of Endor Part 2) (Ep 6)
13. A New Hope/Closing Credits (Ep 3)

In particular, I like the selection of the first and last tracks, since it brings the movies (and the CD) full circle. If you were to watch the movies in episode order, track 13 would be the last you would hear before track 1, and its themes blend well into Episode 4, as well as containing bits of music from almost all 6 films.

After listening to it, I think tracks 8 & 9 need to be flipped.

Overall, it works rather well. I'd love to edit all the tracks together to trim out unneeded bits and work in others (Cantina Band, Yoda's Theme, Battle for Yavin...). That will likely be my next task.
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