Thursday, June 29, 2006

Starrin' and stinkin'

I'm king of the world!!!

Sulphur Spring. Guess what it smells like.

TheYampa River, with kayakers, tubers, etc. I have yet to go tubing down it.

Black Sulphur Spring. Guess what IT smells like. Altho not as strong as Sulphur Spring.

The "official" portion of Steamboat Spring, which was captured elsewhere.

Looking up at Howeson 3D!

Okay...this is crap. But atleast I admit it!

Sunset...finally, some more clouds to give the sky some texture.

Steamboat lit up...

And...a starry night...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Drivin' and Chillin'

My wife is flying into Denver this morning, and that's a 3 hour drive from Steamboat. Talk about the need to check with your airline before leaving home! She's arriving I need to get up extra early in order to meet her.

Steamboat just before sunrise (you're looking west)

The sun is about to come over the mountains

The sun still isn't up as I drive across the Continental Divide on Rabbit Ears Pass...

...and this is why it's called Rabbit Ears Pass. See the stone formations here?

The ORIGINAL Hard Rock Cafe, in Empire, Colorado.

Me at Lookout Mountain. You can see for miles and miles...

Buffalo Bill's grave (and his wife's, too!). People throw coins in for good luck. I joined 'em.

The view from near Buffalo Bill's grave. Note the flat-top mountains in the picture. The town in front is Golden, Colorado, and the white buildings (partially obscured by the tree branch) is the Coors brewery.

And the "other" Hard Rock Cafe in Denver. My 26th (and third of the year)!

Their sole piece of Pink Floyd memorabilia, hidden behind shirts. :(

Outside the Hard Rock Cafe in Denver.

A work of art. Or junk. You be the judge.

Sunset, with a visitor.

The moon over Steamboat.

And another visitor!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stompin' and relaxin'

This morning's lineup...a gypsy-rock band (Papa Duke)...playing for the kids.

Papa Duke himself playing his fast that his bow strings were breaking.

The rest of the band. The guy on the bongos is from Cuba, the rest sounded like they were from Russia or the Ukraine.

Hahn's Peak, near Steamboat Lake

Another view of Hahn's Peak, taken from the lake itself. We rented a boat and went fishing/wildlife viewing for a couple hours.

Panoramic view from the boat

Fishin'! (NOTE: Caught squat)

We did see a flock of white pelicans, however!

...and an antelope!

Griff Dog visited us during dinner. Beautiful eyes...

The night view of Steamboat, time lapse. The bright line of multicolored lights are for the local Steamboat airstrip. They only light up when a small plane is coming in at night.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Snakes On A Plane! SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!!!

I can't wait!

Slidin' and ridin'...

Today we have lined up a couple of different things: sliding down a ski hill...and then riding back up it. order to slide take the chair lift up.

Now...the Alpine Slide. You ride these special 'carts' with a brake handle down a fiberglass channel.

The view of Steamboat Springs you see before you go down the slide.

Mt. Werner, the main ski mountain in Steamboat Springs.

Happy you...

Me (and Hox) and Dad (and Bill)

Cottonwood tree, in full bloom...

One of Steamboat Springs...springs. Why'd you think it's called "Steamboat SPRINGS"? Actually...this one is called...I'm not joking...Steamboat Spring.

Sunset for Day 3

Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's nice to be in the mountains...

Good Morning, Steamboat Springs!

Columbine Flower (state flower for Colorado)

Look, a dragon!

Fish Creek Falls in 3D!

B&W experiment #1

Fish Creek Falls, closer-up

Me, at Fish Creek Falls

B&W Experiment #2

Chief Wiggins for Sheriff!

Think about this photo...and what's strange about it...

Hammock in 3D

Sunset through the aspen trees

Steamboat comes to life at night