Saturday, February 18, 2006

Renn fair time!

Years ago...around the time we got married, the wife and I used to belong to the Royal Chessmen, which was a group of people that would perform a "living chessgame" at various "Ye Olde Renaissance Faires". Internal politics, our careers, etc. drew us away from the group...but we still certainly enjoy going to the fairs when we can.

This weekend, it was time for the Florida Renaissance Faire!

The entrance to the faire...

One of the well-dressed participants...get a load of that mustache!

Yards of Guiness beer! (NOTE: In this case, Yard = 20 overpriced ounces.)

I almost bought a reflect my Irish/Scottish heritage. What you see above would have run over $400(!). (NOTE: I still plan to buy one...and when I do, I will post a picture of me wearing it up here for all to see.)

Custom medieval ride!

And another custom medieval ride!

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