Thursday, March 23, 2006

Final views of Philly...

A very, very short visit to one of our most historic let's get some final views in...

I admit, I didn't get to turn in to AM 1650 to hear this, but I bet it went something like this:

Boy, I know I used to be the ugliest thing around...but then YOU came along...

(Radiator bursts and Helement falls completely apart.)

A beatiful, if backlit, view of the Philadelphia skyline...

A green bridge, reminiscent of the Golden Gate Bridge, although it's not as large, not rust-orange in color, and, sadly, connects to New Jersey.

I-95 South! If I don't find the airport, I can stay on THIS all the way down to South Florida!

Tunnels. Something we have almost none of in South Florida.

Lincoln Financial Field.
(Hmmm...did the Eagles win the Super Bowl this that.)

The Wachovia Center...where the Philadelphia Flyers play.

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