Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Bloggin' at ya from high in the sky once again. I have been the traveling fool lately, and today I'm on my biggest adventure yet: I'm going to be hopping the Atlantic to go to the Netherlands.

Let's recap where we've...er...I've been lately:
Cincinatti, Ohio (beginning of June, 2 days)
Seattle (middle of June, 8 days)
Steamboat Springs, Colorado (end of June, 9 days) (NOTE: Vacation)
Orlando (middle of July, 2 days) (NOTE: Vacation)
San Diego (middle of July, 5 days) (NOTE: Vacation)
Netherlands/Belgium (now, for next 9 days)


I'm tired of hotel beds, planes, airports, rental cars, expense reports....but most importantly being away from my family and home.

This trip to Europe, while for work, does have a silver lining. I will get a chance to go to Brussels and visit one of our European relatives. This lays important groundwork for a summer trip to Europe with the family next year, as we wanted to stop and visit/re-establish our ties to my family in Europe. Now I can warn 'em that we're coming in force next year.

My route today is taking me the long way to Amsterdam, going from Fort Lauderdale to Houston first, and from THERE non-stop to the Netherlands. I'll have laptop power at my seat, so I can watch movies, etc. What I probably won't have is air conditioning at any of the hotels I'm staying at. *sigh*

Well, it IS going to be a learning experience.

Landing shortly in Houston...more to come later!

(* Yet Another Travel Adventure)

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