Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mockingbird update...probably the last one.

Heard the peeping outside and went hunting...the mocking bird wasn't in its nest anymore.

After listening, walking around for a bit, triangulating...I found it in our backyard, hiding in our of our plants:

Maybe it was used to me...I don't know...but it let me get very very close to get this nice photo:

Shortly after I took it, it hopped out of the bush, ran under the fence and tried to get away. I chased it into our neighbor's back yard (rather than towards the street...eek!) and I bet it will be able to fly within the next few days. They only are fledglings for a short while...a matter of days...before they take to the air.

Good luck, little one! I'll name you Hairy, since you still had some fuzz on yer head. Best of luck to ya!

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