Thursday, October 11, 2007


Max and I (December 10th, 2001)

Max Wenzel
8/14/1969 - 10/10/2007

One of my few first cousins (Max) committed suicide last night in Oregon. He had recently been diagnosed with systemic cancer, and just pulled away from everyone, visited his favorite places, some friends, made some type of arrangements to be cremated, left a note...and then took his life.

In my generation of my family (on my father's side), there were only five children two sisters and I, my cousin Nick...and Max. My sisters were older than Max and didn't really have any real strong relationship with him, Nick is only 12 or so years old...but Max was about a year or so older than me, and he and I got along.

Max had difficulties finding his place in life. In particular, he was diagnosed only late in high school with dyslexia, he had a tendency to be somewhat anti-social. It wasn't easy for people to get close to Max. I think I did, however. I used to go up to Wisconsin in the summers when I was young and used to spend time with Max...we had a great time. I miss those days. Unfortunately, as we got older, we rarely spoke. The picture above is from the last time we saw each other.

While he had girlfriends over the years, he never got married and never had any children. He also never really seemed to find his 'true calling', but he did come to love the Oregon coastline.

Poor Max...and my poor aunt and uncle...

Max, I love ya, buddy...and I'm sorry that you felt this was the way that you needed to go...I hope you're finding the happiness and peace you wanted and needed. I'll miss you. We all will.


Jenny Fischer said...

Max was my friend for MANY years...He is still loved and we all miss him VERY much.I am in touch with your aunt and uncle a lot these is hard for many of us but we will make it thru this...he is always in our hearts.

Andy said...

Hi, Jenny...

Thank you for your kind words. I'll be seeing my aunt and uncle in a few weeks when my father and I visit Oshkosh...

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