Monday, December 31, 2007

2007...can't say that I'll miss ya!


DeskDiva said...

Excellent slide show. :)

Happy New Year, Andy!!!

Sally Jo said...

Love the 24 boxers. LOL My fav image was you with the Spinal Tap tee in front of Stonehenge.

In 2008's slide show, there should be images of you working on more 24 Motivational Posters. *hint hint*

Andy said...

deskdiva/sally jo: Thanks...coming from the 'film' age, lots of people still carry their digital cameras around and treat them like they're shooting film...the "oh, I only have X amount of film, so I better take only the best shots!". Heck, in the digital age, take as many pics as you like, get them right...enjoy life...document it.

That's what I do. I take lots of pics of lots of places and people and things...doesn't cost me anything do to why not? And then share it with everyone...

Of course, I DO have lots of pictures. You only say a couple from Europe...we took over 1800 (!). But in that 1800 were lots of gems (including the Spinal Tap one, which is was the best of the 5 that were taken).

I want lots of stuff to hand down to my next generations...and I thnk they'll enjoy the little slice of my life that I get to share with them in this way. :)

Oh, and y'all, too. :)