Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More memories of Max

I received a great email from Dave Henning, another friend of my cousin Max, who found my blog entry about Max's death. He's allowed me to share his comments here with you (I've slightly edited them from a couple of his emails to put a more complete picture on them):

Max and I had known each other since 2nd grade. He lived two doors around the corner from me. His parents moved and he then went to Webster Stanley before going to Lourdes. Once there, we quickly rekindled our friendship and kept in touch for many years. After my wedding, we drifted apart again and I'd not heard from him for going on 5 years.

Max had never been able to settle into what most folks would call a 'normal' life. He was always trying something new or different, trying to find himself and his path in life. He was one of the funniest, most creative dreamers of dreams I've ever met. Even with the distance of many years and miles, I will sadly miss him. I'm also sad that I will now have to wait until the afterlife to rekindle that friendship again.

I have lots of favorite memories of Max but a couple particularly stand out. One time, he was in trouble with Sister Miriam (the Vice Principal, aka Sr. Stoneface). She was going to call his parents and asked him his phone number. He replied 911-xxxx which she started to dial before she realized what it was. The Police called right back and she had a bit of explaining to do. Also, there were the many days he got to wear camouflage pants to school because the dress code only restricted 'denim jeans' and camouflage wasn't denim! Playing football, video games until the early dawn hours, and just being able to hang out and talk with someone who understands you.

I've also got a really great picture of him in Cub Scout uniform with his eyes closed. It was always one of my favorites (he generally hated it of course).

I like to think that in Heaven, we see others how we remember them at their best. I think that much more innocent time will be the way I remember him.

May he rest in peace,
Dave Henning
Dave, thanks for your wonderful words and thoughts! Here is the picture that Dave shared with me, which I believe was taken at our grandparents' house in Oshkosh oh those many years ago.

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DeskDiva said...

What a beautiful set of memories. I'm so glad he shared them with you.

Dave - that was lovely to read.