Sunday, July 08, 2007

Almost committed...

You know...nice, beautiful end to the day...eating dinner with the family...looking out the window...and a small fluffy bunny rabbit head appears from around the corner of my fence.

"LOOK, A RABBIT!" I exclaimed...and then it bounces off out of view as my wife comes over to see...

South Florida is not a native environment for fluffy white bunny rabbits, especially my neighborhood. In an effort to make sure my wife doesn't think I'm entirely crazy, I had to go catch the fluffy white bunny rabbit to prove my sanity.

In the grand scale of things (related to animals) that I would not expect to ever see while looking out my back window at our lake, fluffy white bunny rabbits rank pretty high on that list. Now, I have seen a cow, before but that was in someone's backyard...not meandering down the street...

I chased the fluffy white bunny rabbit a was nervous...but it eventually stopped, lay down flat on it's stomach, let me pet it, and pick it up (by the scruff of its neck). have a fluffy white bunny rabbit in our garage in a cage. We have signs up stating "RABBIT FOUND!" in our neighborhood...that went up within 15 minutes of me catching it...and no one has called.

Luckily, we had a good sized cage to put "Harvey" (get it?) in, and I went and got bedding, rabbit food and a water bottle for him (or her...please, God, don't let her be pregnant!). He (sticking with that) immediately started to drink water, and when we put food in, he started to eat.

Personally, I think someone dumped him. It rained earlier, but he was completely dry. He was clean, and apparently healthy. So, if he didn't escape, someone dumped him. I hope not...Harvey's a good rabbit. And very tired. He's had a long day.

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