Friday, July 20, 2007


Okay, we're almost in the middle of our flight, and I'm listening to an 80s mix on my Ipod, and I just got done with a few Police songs, and then Prince's Purple Rain started to play. And I had a flashback.

I don't know if it is the effect of the two mixed drinks I've had (thank you, newbie flight attendant, for not knowing how to mix Delta's signature drinks!), but I started to have a vivid recollection of being at Prince's concert in the Orange Bowl during his Purple Rain tour, playing Purple Rain, and the crowd swaying, lighters in the air...just an amazing experience, especially for someone's first concert!

So I started to think about the concerts I've been to over time, and the memories I retain to this day. I figured I'd give a short list here, and maybe expand later.

My personal best concerts list:
1. David Gilmour in New York City (high point: Echoes)
2. Roger Waters, Dark Side of the Moon tour, Tinley Park, I'll (high point: The Great Gig In The Sky)
3. Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA tour, Orange Bowl (high point: Born to Run)
4. Pink Floyd, Division Bell tour, Joe Robbie Stadium (high point: Comfortably Numb)
5. Prince (described above)
6. Elton John/Billy Joel, Joe Robbie Stadium (high point: Can You Feel The Love Tonight)
7. Police, the reunion tour, Dolphins Stadium (high point: Every Little Thing She Does (Is Magic))

I'll add more later.

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