Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Busy day ahead! Better get this stuff done!

Today is our last full day in fun NYC! We better make the most of it...so let's head to...

...Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty! YEESH it's cold out!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, to see all of their Egyptian collection...WOW...that's a freakin' huge collection!

It even includes many statues...and...

...an actual temple...moved brick for brick from Egypt!

(Translated: Ramses wuz here...shout out to Ra!)


Greek columns...in a very neatly designed room that allows light to come in but never directly shine on the pieces, but 'warm' the room.

The Essex House

More Lost!

A full-size ferris wheel in Toys R Us in Times Square, each car themed to a different toy brand!

Almost time for the show! The crowd gathers, and the show is...of course...SOLD OUT!

Can't get enough of Radio City!

And a photo of David Gilmour from our concert tonight...courtesy of DavidGilmour.com. It was an incredible concert, especially Echoes!

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