Monday, April 03, 2006

The city that never sleeps? Screw that, I did!

Our room at The Warwick, thankfully, was quiet. However, it certainly didn't offer a scenic view...

The view outside room 1406 at The Warwick. We couldn't see the ground, nor could we see the sky.

Tavern on the Green. We had a great lunch!

Stained glass lamps in the hallway to the main dining room at Tavern on the Green.

More stained glass!

Standing by a cherry blossom tree in bloom in Central Park.

Looking towards the south end of Central Park

John Lennon tribute in Strawberry Fields in Central Park

Me. Central Park. Neat, eh?

The American Museum of Natural History

The dinosaur was sooooo big...I couldn't get it's full body in one picture!

Standing next to the largest meteorite to every be recovered on Earth!

Replica of one of our Mars Rovers!

The view underneath the Hayden Planetarium

The outside view of the Hayden Planetarium

Subway train comin'!

Grand Central Station!

The clock in the center of Grand Central Station. wasn't 12:32 at the time....?

One of the exquisite lamps hanging in Grand Central Station

Times Square on a rainy, but bright, night! are here, by the dot. Err...where's the dot?

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