Sunday, April 02, 2006

I want to be a part of it, New York, NEW YORK!


The long awaited trip to New York City has finally arrived! David Gilmour in Concert, on his opening night of his U.S. tour at Radio City Music Hall, is just two days away...and we're going to BE THERE! AWESOME!

Radio City Music Hall! Just two blocks away from our hotel (The Warwick)! COOL!

The concert poster! I want one! SOLD OUT! Yeah, baby!

Rockefeller Center!

Pink Floyd mask from "The Wall" movie at the Hard Rock Cafe on Broadway!

A solid wall of guitars at the Hard Rock!

Me, on Broadway!

Hey...that looks rather familiar...almost as if it's about South Florida...

The Empire State Building!

The Chrysler Building!

The Reading Room in the New York Public Library (1 yard short of being as large as an American football field!), as seen in many famous movies...

Spamalot! We're huge Monty Pyton fans, and wanted to see it when we first heard about it.

As it was, we didn't see Tim Curry perform (he left a couple of months ago), but we did see Hank Azaria and David Hyde Pierce's final performance! Really funny, don't miss it! It was almost worth the trip up for this show alone!

Ooooh....LOST references!

Times Square!

St. Patrick's Cathedral!

Inside St. Patricks!

...and the final shot of the night...Radio City, all lit up!

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