Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Drivin' and Chillin'

My wife is flying into Denver this morning, and that's a 3 hour drive from Steamboat. Talk about the need to check with your airline before leaving home! She's arriving I need to get up extra early in order to meet her.

Steamboat just before sunrise (you're looking west)

The sun is about to come over the mountains

The sun still isn't up as I drive across the Continental Divide on Rabbit Ears Pass...

...and this is why it's called Rabbit Ears Pass. See the stone formations here?

The ORIGINAL Hard Rock Cafe, in Empire, Colorado.

Me at Lookout Mountain. You can see for miles and miles...

Buffalo Bill's grave (and his wife's, too!). People throw coins in for good luck. I joined 'em.

The view from near Buffalo Bill's grave. Note the flat-top mountains in the picture. The town in front is Golden, Colorado, and the white buildings (partially obscured by the tree branch) is the Coors brewery.

And the "other" Hard Rock Cafe in Denver. My 26th (and third of the year)!

Their sole piece of Pink Floyd memorabilia, hidden behind shirts. :(

Outside the Hard Rock Cafe in Denver.

A work of art. Or junk. You be the judge.

Sunset, with a visitor.

The moon over Steamboat.

And another visitor!

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