Saturday, June 24, 2006

Finally...a vacation! Off to Colorado!

Well, the wife suggested that, since I had extra vacation time that I was going to lose at the end of the year, take a week off in the summer and spend it with the kids. Okay...sure. Then my folks said, when are you coming out to Colorado again? So...blend the two to Colorado!

Woody Allen's house in Sleeper

One of the more beautiful views of the mountains as you drive up into them.

The Eisenhower Tunnel, going 1 mile through a mountain (at 11,000 feet elevation)

What the tunnel looks like on the inside

A nice place to stop along the way between Denver and Steamboat Springs, Colorado: Silverthorne

Yes, snow is STILL up here in the mountains...along the continental divide near Rabbit Ears.

And nice wildflowers

Panoramic view from the house

A 3D view of the valley and setting sun...

And, finally, sunset.

Evening Twilight over Steamboat Springs

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