Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stompin' and relaxin'

This morning's lineup...a gypsy-rock band (Papa Duke)...playing for the kids.

Papa Duke himself playing his violin...so fast that his bow strings were breaking.

The rest of the band. The guy on the bongos is from Cuba, the rest sounded like they were from Russia or the Ukraine.

Hahn's Peak, near Steamboat Lake

Another view of Hahn's Peak, taken from the lake itself. We rented a boat and went fishing/wildlife viewing for a couple hours.

Panoramic view from the boat

Fishin'! (NOTE: Caught squat)

We did see a flock of white pelicans, however!

...and an antelope!

Griff Dog visited us during dinner. Beautiful eyes...

The night view of Steamboat, time lapse. The bright line of multicolored lights are for the local Steamboat airstrip. They only light up when a small plane is coming in at night.

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