Sunday, September 25, 2005


Coming out this week: Roger Waters' Ca Ira

Don't miss it!


Ben said...

Hi Andy..
Do you think Ca Ira will be good and have something to say or maybe actually be a pretentious cynical stab at authority and struggles therein from a still seemingly disgruntled yet very wealthy guy?

How rude! Allow me to introduce myself.You know me through another medium .. that of Xbox Live and my gamertag is ... KruzerB :0) (Guess what the B stands for hehe)

I heard you talk about your blog and I have often fancied nattering about all things Floyd with you and Purplest was kind enough to point me in this direction so I thought I'd say hi and step into your world if that is ok?!

If you'd like..I'll pop my email and instant messaging type details (if you have that) in a message for you here (if you want to set down your details) or if not then I'll happily do that on Live.

In the meantime I mentioned them before to you but I seriously suggest you check out
They are touring in your part of the world for about the next six months and I would seriously urge you to catch them if they play anywhere near you.You will be blown away!

Belated birthday greetings and I hope your father is making steady progress with a strong and complete recovery.

Looking forward to catching you soon.

Andy said...

Hey, Ben.

Actually, I'm not sure what to expect. Roger has been working on this for so long, and it deals with the French who's to say, really? There's enough class issues inside of the story of the revolution that it does make you wonder what Roger would have to say on the matter, and how he says it, and how it would appear coming from him. Then again, many people are used to him point out problems in society without offering solutions...just utopian ideals for what the world would be like if the problems he presented were fixed we'll just have to wait and see!