Friday, September 30, 2005

So where the hell have I been?

Some of you may not have seen me on Xbox Live lately, and I apologize. I've been sick this week, and just haven't been up to playing. Also, with the new TV season starting, and some DVD box sets, I've had some catching up to do.

So...what am I watching?

(9pm on Wednesdays on ABC)
I've been an addict since it debuted last year. I bought the Season 1 box set to pour over the show in more detail than I could when it aired on TV, and I've been picking lots of things up from re-watching the DVDs. There's a reason why this show won Best Drama. It's great. Watch it. This season is going as strong as last.

Battlestar Galactica
(10pm on Fridays on Sci-Fi)
Love this...the production value and writing is incredible on this show. I missed the original mini-series, but since the box-set of Season 1 was just re-released with the mini-series, I picked it up and have been catching the parts that I missed. No new episodes until January, tho.

(8pm on Thursdays on CBS)
Not many people know this, but I did apply to appear back in Season 3 of the show. No, I didn't get to try out. Go figure. Love the show.

P.S. The tribe I'm rooting for is pictured above. Go Stephanie!

The Amazing Race
(9pm on Tuesdays on CBS)
I just watched the season premiere. I'm not too hot on the family angle...but I am pulling for the family with the little boy and girl. That family seems to be really tight, and understands what needs to happen, and the kids are great.

(9pm on Wednesdays on Discovery Channel)
No new episodes right now...but fun to watch in re-runs.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
(11pm Monday-Thursday on Comedy Central)
Do I really need to say why this show is incredible? No. Watch it. And read the book.

NOTE: The Colbert Report will be debuting in October! Awesome!

Stargate SG1
Stargate Atlantis

8pm and 9pm (respectively) on Fridays on Sci-Fi
These, like Battlestar, are in re-runs until January. I'm not as attached to them as others...but still a fun show to pass time with.

That's what I've been doing while I've been sick. Upper respiratory/asthma-type thing. Not pretty, lots of hacking up stuff.

I'll be back. I promise.


Ben said...

Sorry to hear you've not been too well recently Andy hope to catch you on Live very soon too!

Did you purchase Ca Ira yet , if so what do you make of it? I have to admit I am not really a big fan of that time period or historical events (I studied.. sorry had to study for a time the French Revolutionary Period and its painters,writers and philosophers whilst at University... drove me crazy)
I am very much excited by the imminent release of the full Live8 London concert on dvd that I was so fortunate to attend. I've played the audio cd of Floyd's performance to death and I have my pics and short video clips I took of the day but I just want to see it and live it again!!
Its been interesting keeping an eye on your nation and recent events and I was wondering how its all going , the hurricane aftermath clean ups - is that still going on or has it been swept under the carpet? How have the picks for the Supreme Court gone down as well as the Senate Majority Leaders affair with' campaign funds' ? Oh yes how's the gas price watch going?


Oh yes if you ever wish to contact me (please feel free to do so too!) my email and msn are -

Ben said...

Dammit I forgot to mention in the previous post that I'm very much into Lost too ..

We are just up to the episode in Season 1 where we meet Ethan Rom...

Every Wednesday, 10pm onwards, without fail - Lost !!