Saturday, September 17, 2005

It's almost like camping...

Last night I was able to sleep through the entire night on the cot in my father's room because he was finally able to rest as well. The hardest part of the stay for him appeared to be over.

When I got to the room, the blinds were completely open so that you could see the rather nice view outside (looking west-southwest at the 836 expressway, across Little Havana and into Coral Gables). I asked my father if he wanted me to close the blinds before we went to sleep, but he said no, leave 'em open.

The view from room 824

In the middle of the night, I woke up, and since the cot was next to the window, I was looking up at the night sky. Just outside the window, high in the sky, was the near-full moon. It was a very beautiful, and it recalled the times I used to go camping. Well, that and the cold air in the room. (Jeez, hospitals like to keep it near freezing!)

The 'new' sleeping arrangements
(Note the blogging device on the bed next to the backpack)

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