Monday, November 14, 2005

Hallelujah! My insurange adjustor arrives!

October 24, 2005 ~7:00am
Hurricane Wilma hits South Florida
I lose electrcity

October 24, 2005 ~9:00pm
I contact my insurance company to file a claim

October 26, 2005
We get electricity back

October 30, 2005 ~9:00pm
I am contacted back by my insurance company and given my adjustor's name. And that he will call me in a week to schedule an appointment.

November 8, 2005 ~12:00pm
The insurance company calls me back and sets up my insurancde adjustor's appointment for November 14th.

November 14th, 2005 10:00am
My adjustor arrives. At the wrong house.

I get home to meet my adjustor. No one is at my house yet. However, I see a truck in the street in front of my neighbor's house, and a guy is on the roof. My neighbor is not home.

Ever hear a joke that goes like this:
Q: What's the definition of mixed emotions?
A: Seeing your mother-in-law drive over a cliff in your brand new Mercedes.

Well, I had the same feelings at the time.

Anger: "I bet that's one of those slimy roofing contractors over there on my neighbor's roof (which didn't need any repair, as they got a brand new roof earlier this year)! How dare he go up on their roof without permission!"

Interest: "Hey, I bet that's a roofing contractor! I wonder if I can get a card, because I need a roofing contractor!"

The guy gets down off the roof, and my adjustor has not arrived yet, apparently running late, even though he called me on his cell phone to indicate he was running early. Owel, might as go over and see what the hell this other guy is up to, climbing on my neighbor's roof and all.

Me: "Excuse me, are you a roofing contractor?"
Him: *looking back at the house he just was on* *looks back at me* "Am I at the wrong house?"
Me: "Are you Chet?"
Him: "Are you Andy?"

Grreeeeaaaaattttt. Mind you, it IS easy to mix up our addresses, so I don't hold it against him. He was professional, and he did go through my house and note everything he needed to note, measure, etc.

For those playing at home, it took 6 days for my insurance company to call me back after my initial claim, and 21 days from the storm before anyone had come to see my house. Supposedly I have another 21 or so days before I see my insurance check. I'll keep you posted.

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