Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving: BAKING TIME!

I have a Thanksgiving holiday tradition. I bake. Well, I bake in general when I can, as I enjoy baking. However, every Thanksgiving, I make 6 pies. Since we spend alternating Thanksgiving dinners with either my family or my wife's family, each family still gets 3 pies each, so we essentially attend both family's dinners.

What pies to I make exactly? I have to turn this:

2 Key Lime Pies (we are in Florida after all!)
2 Pumpkin Pies (of course!)
2 Paper Bag Apple Pies
Here are the Key Lime Pies, courtesy of a Secret Family Recipe(tm), ready to go in the oven. In the oven?!? Yes, for 10 minutes at 300, to help them set with the crust. Then into the refrigerator they go!
The completed pumpkin pies...

The apple pie, placed in the bag and ready to be baked!

And in the oven it goes for an hour!

And the final product!

Good eatin'!

Total time to do all this...about 4 hours. The last 2 are just baking time, so it's really only 2 hours of work overall.

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