Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pictures from Milan

The first shop you see...the Ferrari shop. Went in and looked around...everything was VERY expensive. A small baby's polo shirt with an embroidered Ferrari logo was €59 (59 Euros), which is about $68. Yeesh! The cheapest thing I could find was a small Ferrari lapel pin for €15. Nope, no way. Not spending money here!

Harry Potter was feeling rather square while we were there...but was doing a good job guarding one of the terminal entrances, ready to zoom off with his Nimbux 2000!

When in Italy, eat what's right. I eventually got hungry and ate...pizza! In Italy! Figured I'd atleast TRY pizza over here...it was generally the same, but the cheese had a sharper edge to it...almost like a nacho cheese. Their 'combo' was 2 slices of pizza (only needed one, they were HUGE) and a Diet Coke (sorry, 'Coke Light') was €7 (~$8.10).

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