Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm off to see the...Lynchburg...the..wonderful...Lynchburg...of Oz?

I'll be flying up to Lynchburg, VA. this morning to do work for the next couple of days. You'll finally...hopefully...see pictures of somewhere other than the 10 square miles I work and live...

And it's going to be DARN COLD there! A cold front is going through, and I can expect the following:

Situation: When I land
Temp: 58°F
Feels like: 42°F
Notes: Rainy, windy

Situation: Go to work Thursday (8am)
Temp: 33°F
Feels like: 19°F
Notes: Sunny, calm (Oh, and BRRRR!!!)

Situation: Go to work Friday (8am)
Temp: 24°F
Feels like: 12°F
Notes: Sunny, calm (*teeth chatter*)
Yay. Trenchcoat time! :(

1 comment:

Don said...

Shoulda been here a day earlier, it was 70 when I drove to work this morning.