Wednesday, November 30, 2005

U.K. hotel room observations...

This being my first trip to Europe (and, of course, the U.K./England), I can't speak to whether these things are normal or not for a given hotel. Now, our room rate was £135 ($216.00) per that may influence things here...but I don't think we got our money's worth nonetheless. In the U.S., you would get a really nice minimum 4-star hotel room for that money, if not 5-star.

Heated towel racks. Nice! (Don't touch the bars...they're really hot!)

One view of the room (with terrorist/criminal on the TV). Two twin beds, which I think they knew no one really wanted individually, so they pushed them together to make it, in a sense, a king-sized bed. The workdesk was on the left, where the red chair was facing. And...inexplicably...the hair dryer was fixed inside a drawer of the work desk. I didn't get that.

The closet, and a pants-press on the wall by the door. Nice touch.

The waste baskets were the smallest I had ever seen. I do NOT have big feet. The shoe offers you an idea how small it was.

A no-steam iron. I've NEVER seen one of these in my life. With the type of plug that is used in the U.K. (everything is 240 volts rather than 120 here in the U.S.). In fairness, my co-worker in the room next door had a steam iron, which I later borrowed.

This seemed to almost be the standard everywhere I went, not just at the hotel: the wall sockets all had power switches. Almost all of them I saw...must be a electrical code type thing that requires 'em.

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