Friday, December 23, 2005

More South Florida Christmas!

Tonight, we finally got a chance to go out as a family and enjoy some of what South Florida has to offer up for the holidays. In particular, there are two places that we like to go each year.

Strangely, our XM radio holiday music channel was having some challenges with titles of songs as we drove.

The Clot Family Christmas

One of the largest individual home displays, the Clot family does a spectacular job, and raises a lot of money for breast cancer research. Keep up the excellent work!

NE 137th Terrace, North Miami, FL

Don't have a lot of good shots of this, but we first became aware of it about 8 or 9 years ago when a local news broadcast had the weatherman riding in a convertible down this street, where each house had fantastic displays, and even strung lights across the tree canopy above! Really pretty, and you get to drive your car down the street without your lights on if you choose. They also collect money for charity. Another job well done, but new neighbors have started to put kinks in the display by not displaying any lights (about 8 houses this year).

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