Friday, December 02, 2005

Sing along time!

Somewhere over the Atlantic
Way Up High
There's A Plane That I'm Riding
Why, please God tell me, why?

We're some amount of altitude up....the GPS can't get enough satellites to get a 3D fix, but we're about 400 miles southwest of the coast of Spain.

This trip completes a goal I've had for some time, which is to fly each major type of Boeing aircraft in the 7x7 series. Having flown the 777 on the way over....and now the 747 (my virgin flight on this equipment)...I must say I am impressed with the 747. This plane is BIG. The 777 is big as well...but the 747 inside beats the 777....hands down. However, the 777 had video at each seat, and this 747 doesn't. Oh well.

Wine and small cracker/pretzel 'bits'

Dinner. Or lunch. Or..well..a meal anyway...I no longer know what meal I'm supposed to be eating at a given moment...

Hmm...looks like the wing is bent, doesn't it now?

Here's the stuff that plays your movies, shows where you are, etc. while you're flying...

The staircase on the 747, looking down from the top cabin

Looking back up the staircase

The economy cabin..where, of course, I sit.

Okay...another meal...not sure which one it is for again...but what the heck...

I'm sitting here, listening to The Australian Pink Floyd for the first time, and I have to send a huge thanks for the early birthday presents to Ben/Kruzer for that! And the huge pile of chocolate (diabetic shock will be forthcoming...)! And, most importantly, for being an excellent host last night. I had lots of fun meeting you in person, Ben, and had a great time at dinner, and reaching the Hard Rock Cafe in Birmingham (after the traffic tried to keep us from it!). The evening jaunt was the highlight of the entire trip for me!

Well, time to finally finish reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The event of page 596 just passed (DO NOT JUMP TO THAT PAGE IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAVE A MAJOR PLOT ELEMENT SPOILED!), and Harry's following up afterwards. I need to finish what I started to read 4 months ago!

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