Thursday, December 01, 2005

A night on the town...

After all the meetings were done, business dinners and synchronization sessions...I finally had an opportunity to go out and see something of Birmingham (and, of course, Europe), because I had no real opportunity other than tonight.

On with the pictures for tonight!

There's lots and lots of traffic in England. I'm convinced of that now. We have no reason to complain here in Miami. Above is a church we passed while circumnavigating a roundabout.

Hey, Ben! That's a nice Geocoin you have in your hands!

Ben took me to Star City, home to Europe's largest number of screens at one cinema. When we walked in from the cold, rainy outside, we were greated to a drier but colder inside. I asked Ben why that is, and it's because they have a small ski hill inside, which you see pictured above. We have nothing like this in the States.

A small casino was part of Star City.

In downtown Birmingham, there's this beautiful ferris wheel. It's not a great shot of it...blurry...but still...very impressive! Even in the rain.

It's the holidays!

We finally made it to the Hard Rock Cafe in Birmingham...a goal I had before the trip. This was one of the more interesting Hard Rock's I've been two. It was more like a bar/club than a restaurant. And they had more than a few Pink Floyd items! Yay! This poster was one of my favorites...

But Dave Gilmour's guitar...took the cake!

And here's Ben next to it as well..suitably impressed!

Forsaken was playing while we were there...doing a mixure of their own stuff and covers, including Twist and Shout by the punk style!

That's not snow. That's rain. Being blown by the wind.

Overall, the evening was a success, and I had a great time. It went later than I expected...but all the better. Tons of fun, and spent with a good friend!

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