Friday, December 02, 2005

Thoughts on the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris

This IS a nice airport. It was definately designed with an artistic flair. Each terminal looks a bit different, lots of glass, open space, and the function of the airport seems to be built around this. Therein lies some of the problems, because it is a pain in the butt to move around here. The two hours we have to switch planes? It took us about 1.5 hours just to get to our gate!

Blurry photo of one of the terminals. Rather pretty on the outside, I'm sure it looks nice from the inside!

Security checkpoint. I'm rather amazed...I'm sure I could have slipped outside into France without ever having gone through immigration.

What the heck is THAT?!

Oh...I see. Gates for flights are put into pairs, which share the same jetway, in a sense. However, they are separated so that passengers from each flight can not mix together. One flight's passengers walk right onto their plane, and the second flight's passengers are herded into these...pods...which take them to where their plane is on the tarmac. Interesting.

As you can see, our flight to Miami is at gate C89, but C88 is next to it. Both gates were boarding passengers. We went right onto our plane, while C88 passengers went into one of the 'pods' (which you can see through the glass of the jetway..the yellowish thing).

Our plane that will be taking us the rest of the way home...never got to see the tail number. :(

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