Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sea World redux

Yeah yeah, we went to Sea World earlier this year. However, our tickets were good for two weeeeeeeeee'rrrrreeeeee bbbbbbaaaaaaacccccckkkkkk!!!!!

Lookin' to be a great day!

How many sea creatures do you see in this photo?

You don't have to count here. many are in the air? NOTE: Not all are sea creatures!

The Journey to Atlantis. Lots of fun. Lots of water. Lots of ways to get wet. Lots of fun!

A stork looks at me as I look at sea lions/harbor seals...and other birds.

A harbor seal looks back at me. Well, it's sleeping.

Polar bears!


Dancing Holiday Starfish!

They need to sell a "I Survived The Childrens'-Rope-Ladder-Tunnel-Filled-Monstrousity-From Hell" T-shirt. I would have bought one. knees....

Sea World's Christmas Tree. Complete with Starfish on top!

The entrance at night. Very pretty!

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