Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gas prices and credit cards

Okay, another non-photo gripe post...

Needing to rectify my gasoline situation with the van on my way home, I stop at my local Hess station. I put in my credit card, flip the handle and start pumping gas into the tank.

The pump goes...and goes...and goes...and...slows?...and slows down further...and stops...at $48.00.

What the heck? $48.00? I've only put 16 gallons into my tank!

I scan my card again...


Jeez. *sigh*

I go in and see the cashier. He tells me that yes, they know about it, and $48.00 is the credit card limit that is being imposed..apparently...by Hess.

Now folks...with the price of gas what it is today, and the amount of people who drive large vehicles...this limit seems rather low. I mean, I had only pumped 16 gallons into the tank! There are MANY vehicles with larger tanks than mine...what's the deal? They're easily going to blow past $48.00 (with prices near $3.00/gallon). This is really inconveniencing the customers...I mean, I personally only needed one more gallon of gas...


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